JJ Shiundu to exit IMO after 22 years
JJ Shiundu to exit IMO after 22 years
21 November 2019
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Juvenal Shiundu, the rankingKenyan at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) headquarters in London, is to leave the institution after more than two decades.

Mr Shiundu, Director,Technical Cooperation Division is responsible for IMO's Integrated Technical Cooperation Programme, including assisting member States with human and institutional capacity building.

The IMO is a specialized UN agency responsible for measures to improve the safety and security of international shipping and to prevent marine pollution from ships.

Mr Shiundu will retire from the IMO on December 31, 2019, after rising through the ranks to his current role over a period of 22 years.

Mr. Peter Kinuthia popularly known as Mr. Seed, HC Manoah Esipisu and Mr. Juvenal Shiundu
Mrs. Waithiegeni Kanguru- Esipisu mingling with members of the United Kenya Club which brings together Kenyans mainly in South West London
H.E. Manoah Esipisu and Mr & Mrs. Juvenal and Rose Shiundu
The High Commissioner mingling with members of the United Kenya Club which brings together Kenyans mainly in South West London
At one of what is likely to be a host of farewell events in Southwest London, Mr Shiundu was hailed by friends as a true Kenyan patriot, a professional with high integrity, and a good ambassador for our country.

"He has offered leadership at the highest level of an international agency and has been available to mentor fellow Kenyans" said Ambassador Manoah Esipisu, Kenya's principal diplomat in the UK.

"What London loses will be Kenya's gain," he added, referring to Mr Shiundu's next role as Chairman of the Board of the Mombasa-based state-owned enterprise Kenya National Shipping Line. The High Commissioner's views were echoed by other speakers at the event organised by the United Kenya Club, which brings together Kenyans mainly in southwest London.

Mr Shiundu will be returning to Kenya with his wife Rose in January 2020. His adult children, Arnolda and Fulton, already work in Kenya, having opted to return home after British and American University education. The last born Victor is currently finishing his internship in Germany.

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