Ministry Of Sports, Culture and Heritage: Press Release
Ministry Of Sports, Culture and Heritage: Press Release
05 March 2020
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1.The Government of Kenya wishes to sincerely thank the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) and the Next Einstein Forum (NEF) for their solid and steadfast partnership over the past two years as we co-organised the Next Einstein Forum's Global Gathering, 2020 (NEF GG) which was scheduled to take place in Nairobi from 10th to 13th March, 2020.

2.In March 2018, Kenya took over the mantle to host the NEF GG from the Republic of Rwanda. A seamless-coordinated planning process steered by the Executive Office of the President, the Ministry of Sports, Culture and Heritage (Chairing), the Ministry of Education, NEF, AIMS, and other stakeholders was immediately put in place to deliver a successful and transformational global gathering of trailblazing thought leaders in science, technology and innovation.

3.Over the past few days, we have engaged in intense and close discussions between the Government of Kenya, NEF and AIMS examining the risks posed by hosting the NEF GG in Nairobi during this time of heightened international alert over the COVID-19 coronavirus threat.

4.The Government accepts NEF's decision to postpone the NEF GG, 2020 on the basis of advice received from leading COVID-19 epidemiologists. In accepting this decision, the Government has taken into account the challenging global health environment that we are presently living vis a vis our unswerving duty of care towards Kenyans, expected delegates and the general public.

5.We reiterate Kenya's commitment to the advancement of science, technology and innovation in Africa and especially recognize the excellent leadership demonstrated by the Board of AIMS led by Prof. Neil Turok (Chair), Ms. Lydie Hakizimana (Interim CEO), Dr. Youssef Travaly (NEF's Vice President of Science, Innovation and Institutional Partnerships), Nathalie Munyampenda (Managing Director, NEF) and everyone who worked tirelessly to bring the NEF GG, 2020 to fruition.

6.The success of our organizational collaboration in the planning process stands as testament that Africa is ready to lead the world in groundbreaking scientific discussions, innovations, inventions and interventions inspired by the unprecedented growth of science and related disciplines across Africa and among the African diaspora.

7.We seek the understanding of all affected delegates and commit our full support to realise the value of the Forum when it is next re-convened

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