Citizen Registration

It is a requirement that all Kenyan citizens residing in the UK to register themselves with the Kenya High Commission. This is a simple procedure that enables the Mission to provide essential services in an efficient manner, especially in emergency cases.

Please complete the below form below to register with the Mission.

Kindly note that your names should be entered as they appear on your passport. All details required on the registration form are very important and should not be overlooked when completing the form. Remember to provide your telephone contacts and email address for faster communication.

It is always advisable to include copies of the relevant pages of your own and your family’s Kenyan passport (for minors). These will come in handy in cases of emergency (e.g. stolen passport). For the same reason, you should keep copies of all Kenyan documents at home.

Please note: The online form is java script enabled, hence it must be completed on a computer. Alternatively you can complete the form and return it to the Mission.

Citizen Registration for Kenyan Nationals