The London Mission is a commissioned passport control office and processes passports.  The waiting period is an average of 6 weeks. The Kenya Government is now implementing a new e-Passport issuing system (from 1st September 2017) as per International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards.

The passport printing will be centrally done in Nairobi. Applicants will be required to submit applications online on the e-Citizen platform and present themselves to the High Commission for processing.Please note that the current valid passports will be in use for the next two years i.e. till 31st March 2020 after which they will be rendered invalid.
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To enable us serve you better, It is imperative that you book an appointment when submitting your applications for all Consular Services

Please ensure you have read and understood the guidelines and requirements both on and those listed below before submitting your application.

Requirements for applying for all passports
Applicants will be required to submit applications online on the e-Citizen platform (click to visit) and present themselves in Person to the processing centre, in this case, the Kenya  High Commission, London for  biometric capture (Fingerprints and photo capture).
Each applicant must ensure that the requirements are fully met before presenting themselves at the processing centre.
Each applicant must ensure that the required documents are fully uploaded when filing the application on the citizen account.
Any document in a language other than English must be translated and certified as a true translation by the issuing authority or representative Embassy.
Incomplete applications will not be accepted and will not be processed.
All applications will only be accepted with an original National Identity Card (IDs) (Not Copies).
All minors (children under the age of 18 years) Must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardians when presenting applications.
Any change of name must be proved by either a marriage certificate (for married couples) or a deed poll registered in the Kenya Gazette and Must first be affected on the National ID Card.
Passport will only be delivered to the applicant and not proxies or agents except in the case where parents may collect on behalf on a minor.
It is advisable to make an application for your passport well in advance, at least six (6) months before expiry of your current passport or your intended date of travel.
Passport Services at the High Commission

The following categories of passport services are provided at the Mission, select your passport option below and read the information carefully, as it contains vital information for your passport application.

New Passport applications

A child born outside of Kenya to an Kenya citizen parent(s) is eligible for Kenya citizenship

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Passport renewals

For Passport holders with expired or filled up passports.

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Lost / Damaged Passports

For Passport holders who have lost or damaged their passport.

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Name Change

For Passport holders who wish to change their names on their passports.

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Notes for Passport Photographs

Be clear photos (should not be blurred nor have a dark hue)

All facial features should be clearly outlined

Have a full face and both ears showing

Weaves and hair should not cover the forehead or face

Be taken against a white background

Be without shadows in the background

Be taken without spectacles

No smiling or laughing

Size of the face should be 2.5 by 2 inches

Decent photos (e.g. not be wearing strapless tops)

How do I make a passport application?
Log onto to to fill an application online then refer to our passport page for details on requirements and application procedures and to make an appointment.
How are payments made?
All payments are submitted online via eCitizen using visa card Mpesa, Airtel Money, eAgent, KCB Cash, RTGS, or Pesalink at the time filling the application Form.
Does the Kenya High Commission in London accept payments for passport services?
All payments must be submitted through the online platform via
I have been trying to create an account on ecitizen, I have filled all the required fields, the system is now asking me to enter a verification code, but I have not received it on my mobile phone, what can I do to proceed?
The ecitizen system automatically updates an applicant’s details at the time of creating an account using a Kenya National ID. However, it has been observed that in some instances it has failed to update foreign numbers, in such an instance send your Full Name, ID Number and telephone number to for your account to be updated.
Can I post my application?
Each applicant is required to present themselves in person to the nearest e-passport processing centre for submission of the application and capture of the biometrics.
Who is a recommender?
Each applicant must be recommended in Section.7 of the application Form by a citizen of Kenya, who personally knows the applicant but not an immediate relative. The recommender must append a signature on the Form.  The recommender is supposed to endorse on the reverse side one copy of the applicant’s photograph with the words ‘’I certify that this is a true likeness of the applicant Mr/Mrs./Ms…etc and add his or her signature.
Could I use my recommender’s passport copy rather than their ID?
Attach a copy of the recommender’s ID or passport.
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