Change of Name on Passport
If you wish to change the name on your Kenyan passport, please read the following information carefully.
Passport RequirementsBook Appointment

To enable us serve you better, It is imperative that you book an appointment when submitting your applications for all Consular Services

You will need to apply for your Passport on the E-citizen platform before booking an appointment for processing at the High Commission. (

Passport applications without complete requirements will not be processed. Please ensure all the requirements are met.

For postal applications include a pre-paid self-addressed return special delivery envelope (it should have a tracking number and sufficient postage stamp)

Dual Citizens are required to declare their other nationality prior to renewing Kenya passports.

Those required to apply to regain Kenya citizenship are expected to await completion of the regaining process

Please ensure you follow the order of documents as outlined below.

The waiting period is approximately 6 weeks.

Applications made in person are eliglible for Debit card payments.

Requirements for Name Change on a Passport
Two printouts of completed form and two corresponding receipts (Available on E-Citizen)
Two copies of marriage certificate, Deed Poll registered in Kenya Gazette, Divorcee Decree or proof of marriage dissolution.
For Adoption of Marriage names also please attach a letter requesting adoption of Marriage name indicating how the new names should read
Letter of consent from spouse indicating the name to be adopted
Copy of passport or Identity Card of the spouse
Original and two copies of current passport
Two passport size photographs (UK Standard) on a white background.
Original Kenya National ID card and two copies of Kenyan ID
Two copies of certificate of birth
Two copies of Certificate of Registration if Kenyan by registration
Two copies of United Kingdom’s Residence Permit/Visa
Applications must be recommended by a Kenyan citizen, who should provide two copies of his/her passport or ID card.
For correction of dates of birth/place of birth, Original Birth Certificate used to obtain the first passport which should bear the stamp of Immigration Department is required.
Additional documentary for proof of Kenya citizenship may be required if necessary.
Order of Documents
In order for your appointment to go as smoothly as possible, please make sure that your documents are arranged in the following order.

Invoice 1

Application form & photos clipped to the top left hand

Invoice 2

Recommender’s ID or Passport

Copy of Birth Certificate

Copies of Parents’ Documents (IDs/Passports) (Optional for Replacements)

Copy of Applicant’s ID (For person’s aged 18 years and above)

Copy of Marriage Certificate

Letters for those requesting change of name

Copy of residence card/visa or Certificate of Naturalization for Dual Citizens

For Dual Citizens- Proof of having either regained Kenya Citizenship and or Declared Dual Citizenship

Copy of Certificate of Registration (For citizens by registration)

Copy of Passport

All application letters should be addressed as
The High Commissioner,
Kenya High Commission,
45 Portland Place,
London, W1B 1AS,
Attn: Consular & Visa Section
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