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Can I make an application for my spouse to be registered as a citizen of Kenya at the High Commission?
No, the applications are done directly to Director of Immigration Services in Kenya.
Can my child born in the United Kingdom be issued with a Kenyan Passport?
Yes, please view this page for more information
Can one apply for a work permit to work in Kenya at the High Commission?
No, applications are done directly to the Director of  Immigration Services, Nairobi Kenya through an employer based in Kenya.
Do British citizens require yellow fever vaccinations before travelling to Kenya?
They do not require if residents of United Kingdom and/or Europe, but we advise they consult their personal GPs.
Does the mission provide financial assistance?
The Kenya High Commission as indeed all other missions abroad does not offer any monetary assistance.
How long does it take to process a passport application?
It takes an average of ten working days to process (except for applications for lost passports which take up to 4 weeks).
If a visitor has a valid visitor's pass and visits Tanzania or Uganda, then returns to Kenya within the validity, would they need another visa?
If I am on transit in Kenya and don't leave the airport would I require a transit visa?
If you will not be leaving the airport you don’t need a transit visa. On arrival you will proceed to the transit lounge and wait for your connecting flight.
Is the High Commission the only place a traveller can get a visa?
No. Any visitor to Kenya (except from the countries listed under Referred Visas) may be issued with a visa at any port of entry to Kenya provided they meet the usual Immigration formalities.
What does one need if they wish to work in Kenya?
The employer in Kenya should apply for the Entry Work Permit from the Director of Immigration Services whose address is P.O Box 30191, Nairobi.
Can I reside in Kenya without engaging in employment?
Apply for a Class K permit directly to the Director of Immigration Services.
When is a transit visa issued?
A transit visa may be issued to a visitor for the purpose of connecting flights.
Which countries does the East Africa tourist visa cover?
The East Africa Tourist Visa enables tourists to travel between Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.
Passport FAQs
How do I make a passport application?
Log onto to to fill an application online then refer to our passport page for details on requirements and application procedures and to make an appointment.
How are payments made?
All payments are submitted online via eCitizen using visa card Mpesa, Airtel Money, eAgent, KCB Cash, RTGS, or Pesalink at the time filling the application Form.
Does the Kenya High Commission in London accept payments for passport services?
All payments must be submitted through the online platform via
I have been trying to create an account on ecitizen, I have filled all the required fields, the system is now asking me to enter a verification code, but I have not received it on my mobile phone, what can I do to proceed?
The ecitizen system automatically updates an applicant’s details at the time of creating an account using a Kenya National ID. However, it has been observed that in some instances it has failed to update foreign numbers, in such an instance send your Full Name, ID Number and telephone number to for your account to be updated.
Can I post my application?
Each applicant is required to present themselves in person to the nearest e-passport processing centre for submission of the application and capture of the biometrics.
Who is a recommender?
Each applicant must be recommended in Section.7 of the application Form by a citizen of Kenya, who personally knows the applicant but not an immediate relative. The recommender must append a signature on the Form.  The recommender is supposed to endorse on the reverse side one copy of the applicant’s photograph with the words ‘’I certify that this is a true likeness of the applicant Mr/Mrs./Ms…etc and add his or her signature.
Could I use my recommender’s passport copy rather than their ID?
Attach a copy of the recommender’s ID or passport.
Citizenship FAQs
What services does the Kenyan High Commission provide?
Refer to our other services for details of services offered at the Mission for Kenyan citizens, foreign nationals, individuals and corporate clients.
How to arrange an appointment with the Kenyan High Commission in London?
Please visit this page to schedule your appointment for each person and for each service required.
Are eCitizen appointments valid at the Kenya High Commission, London?
Kenya High Commission, London is excluded from ecitizen appointments as the Mission has an active and convenient appointment system for all services offered at the Mission, to book an appointment please click here
I took citizenship of one or more countries prior to 2010, and  at the time I was aged 23 years and above:
a) Is my Kenyan citizenship still valid?
b) How can I reclaim my Kenyan citizenship?
You lost your Kenya citizenship/You ceased to be a citizen of Kenya. You can apply to regain Kenyan citizenship in the prescribe manner, you can view details of requirements and procedures at this page.
Who is eligible to regain Kenya Citizenship?
Regaining Kenya citizenship is done by a person who was a citizen of Kenya by birth and who ceased to be a citizen of Kenya because he or she acquired the citizenship of another country before 27th August, 2010.
Can I travel to Kenya?
Yes, you can travel to Kenya using your foreign nationality passport, and you are required to comply by the applicable visa regulations.
What to do before you visit the Kenya High Commission to declare your dual citizenship?
The application requirements for declaration of dual citizenship are listed here.
Who needs to declare dual Citizenship and Why?
Declaration of dual citizenship is done by:

Those who acquired citizenship of another country after 27th August, 2010.

Those who acquired citizenship of another country and were 23 years and below on 27th August, 2010

Those who have regained Kenya citizenship

Section 8(3) of the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act, 2011 provides that:-

Every dual citizen shall disclose his or her other citizenship in the prescribed manner within three months of becoming a dual citizen”.

Section 8(4) provides that:-

A dual citizen who fails to disclose the dual citizenship in the prescribed manner commits an offence and shall be liable, on conviction, to a fine not exceeding five million shillings or imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years or both”.
Does the Kenya High Commission offer legal advice and support?
No, the Mission does not offer legal support, but provides technical advice on Government projects, processes, services and document acquisition.
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