Welcome to the Diaspora section an area where we report on Kenyan Diaspora in the UK associations, events, citizen registration and news.
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Citizen Registration

This is a simple procedure that enables the Mission to provide essential services in an efficient manner, especially in emergency cases.

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Student Registration

Kenyans studying in the United Kingdom are encouraged to register with the High Commission.The purpose of the registration is to be able to assist Kenyans and offer services to them when necessary.

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Medical Registration

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Diaspora Diplomacy
The Diaspora is one of the Pillars outlined in Kenya’s foreign policy. The Diaspora pillar aims to harness the diverse skills, expertise and potential of Kenyans living abroad, and facilitating their integration into the national development agenda.

The Government of Kenya recognizes the huge and untapped potential of Kenyans Abroad which can contribute to the country’s national development agenda. The Diaspora pillar aims to harness the diverse skills, knowledge, expertise and resources of Kenyans living abroad, and facilitating their integration into the national development agenda. This informs the Diaspora Pillar which seeks to harness the contribution of Kenyans living abroad through the implementation of the National Diaspora policy.
The objectives of this pillar are to

Provide effective and responsive consular services

Facilitate Kenyans Abroad to participate in national development

Promote the access by Kenyans to the international labour market

Utilize outstanding Kenyans

Tap into the skills and resources of the Kenyans Abroad for national development

Diaspora Groups
If you have settled in United Kingdom, or will be spending a few years here during your study or your expat stay and would like to find more information concerning the Diaspora or are keen to meet other Kenyans residing here, you can contact the associations listed below. Please note that the High Commission cannot be held responsible for the information provided by these associations, nor for the contents of websites accessed through this page*If you wish to advertise your association on this website, please contact the High Commission.
Diaspora Associations
Diaspora Media Groups
Diaspora Documents

Kenya Diaspora Policy (click to download)

Speech by President Uhuru Kenyatta During the Official Opening of the Kenya Diaspora Easter Investment Conference 2015 (click to download)

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