Children Born Abroad
As Per the Kenya constitution (2010), a Child born abroad to a Kenyan Parent is granted automatic citizenship. Such a child is entitled to a Kenyan passport and any document of registration or identification issued by the state to its citizens.
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Any document in a language other than English MUST be translated and certified as a true translation by the issuing authority or representative Embassy.

Incomplete applications will NOT BE PROCESSED AND WILL BE REJECTED.

The processing period is approximately 8 weeks (40 working Days)

Dual Citizens are required to Declare dual citizenship prior to submitting an application for a certificate of birth or provide proof of having done so.

Regaining Kenya citizenship is done by a person who was a citizen of Kenya by birth and who ceased to be a citizen of Kenya because he or she acquired the citizenship of another country before 27th August, 2010.

A person who is required to regain Kenya Citizenship must await completion of the regaining process before applying for a certificate of birth for their children if the child was born after they acquired other citizenship.

Requirements to Apply for a Birth Certificate when Born Abroad
Two duly filled application form in duplicate (Click to Download)
Two certified copies of biodata pages of parents' passports
Two certified copies of copies of parents' birth certificates
Two certified copies of copy of child’s foreign certificate of birth
Two Certified copies of Parents' marriage Certificate
Two copies of parents' UK residence permit/visa/Naturalization Certificate if other citizen
Processing fee of £5.00 payable by debit card (for those applying in person) or by Postal Order/ Bankers Cheque (for postal applications). N/B: Personal Cheques are not acceptable.
Any other document as may be required and applicable to specific applicants
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