H.E. Lazarus AMAYO

High Commissioner

High Commissioner H.E Lazarus O. Amayo, High Commissioner of Kenya to the United Kingdom has held several senior public positions before his current assignment among them: Director for Europe and Commonwealth Division at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, High Commissioner of Kenya to Zambia and Malawi, as well as High Commissioner to […]

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Col. Joseph Mokwena

Defence Attache

Defence Attache Responsible for defence cooperation matters between Kenya and the United Kingdom. Email Col. Joseph MokwenaTel: 020 7636 2371/5 ex 209

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Grace Cerere

Ag. Deputy Head of Mission, Minister Counsellor

Ag. Deputy Head of Mission, Minister Counsellor Grace Cerere is responsible for coordination and facilitation of Kenyan official delegation meetings with UK Counterparts, preparation of political reports on the UK, Commonwealth and other related reports. Email Grace CerereTel: 020 7636 2371/5 ex 207

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Dorothy Kamwilu

Education Attaché

Education Attaché The Education Attaché is responsible for all Education activities between Kenya and the United Kingdom as well as attending to the welfare of the Kenyan students in the United Kingdom. Tel: 020 7636 2371/5 ex 204 Email: education@kenyahighcom.org.uk

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George Kabuti

Second Counsellor

Second Counsellor Mr. Kabuti is in charge of consular matter of in the Mission. He is the focal contact point for Kenyans in the diaspora needing consular assistance. Email George KabutiTel: 020 7636 2371/5 ex 217

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Evans Kinyanjui

Immigration Attache

Immigration Attache Mr. Kinyanjui is in charge of all migration matters in the Mission. He oversees the issuance of passports and National Identity Cards. He is also the liaison officer with the United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) Email Evans KinyanjuiTel: 020 7636 2371/5 ex 225

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Anne Kamau

Second Counsellor (Commercial)

Second Counsellor (Commercial) Mrs. Anne Kamau is responsible for all matters relating to Trade/Investment and Toursim. Email Anne KamauTel: 02076362371 ext 202

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Mary Chuma

Administrative Attaché

Administrative Attaché Mrs. Chuma is the Administrative Attaché to the High Commissioner, and is responsible for the High Commissioner’s Office Email Mary ChumaTel: 020 7636 2371 ext 221

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Kennedy Bosire

Financial Attaché

Financial Attaché Mr. Bosire is responsible for all matters related to financial management and accounting in the Mission. Tel: 020 7636 2371/5 ex 229 Email: kbosire@kenyahighcom.org.uk Email Kennedy BosireTel: 020 7636 2371/5 ex 229

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Rebecca Toto

Immigration Attaché II

Immigration Attaché II Ms. Rebecca Toto handles issuance of Passports, Certificates of Identity, Emergency certificates, National Identity Cards, Visas, and Pet Import Licences. Email Rebecca TotoTel: 020 7636 2371/5 ex 226

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Fredrick Kidali

First Secretary/Economic

First Secretary/Economic Mr. Fredrick Kidali assists in the promotion of economic relations between Kenya and the United Kingdom. He also coordinates procurement, performance management and monitors implementation of Missions Strategic Plan and other policy documents. Email:fkidali@kenyahighcom.org.uk Phone: 020 7636 2371/5 ex 200 Email Fredrick KidaliTel: 020 7636 2371/5 ex 200

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