President Kenyatta assures investors of a stable business environment

LONDON, 17 APRIL 2018— President Uhuru Kenyatta today assured UK investors that Kenya’s business environment is stable and conducive for investment. The President said the country had withstood the immense burden of going through two presidential elections within two months at the end of last year. The President said conducting two presidential elections in 60 […]

“Kenya is open for business and offers the best investment opportunity in Africa”-H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta at the London Stock Exchange

LONDON, 17 APRIL 2018— President Uhuru Kenyatta kicked off the program for his five-day visit to the UK by presiding over the market opening ceremony of the London Stock Exchange. Speaking after the ceremony, President Kenyatta urged UK investors to increase their investments in Kenya. The UK is a leading investor in Kenya with at […]