Living and Working in Kenya


Kenya’s hospitals are known for their best health practices, with committed highly skilled doctors and nurses ready to provide excellent health care services to all individuals brought to their attention.

Most lodges and hotels offer resident medical staff and maintain radio or telephone contact with the Flying Doctor Service, which specializes in air evacuations and emergency treatment in East Africa. Temporary membership is available.

Useful Websites:

  1. Kenyatta National Hospital Government Hospital in Nairobi
  2. Nairobi Hospital Private Hospital in Nairobi.
  3. Aga Khan Hospitals Private Hospital in Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa
  4. M.P. Shah Hospital Private Hospital in Nairobi


Kenya offers a wide range of educational opportunities. There are state run schools ( for Kenya Citizens only) and a wide variety of private fee paying private schools.

Useful Websites:

  1. Kenyan Government department of Education
  2. Kenya Private Schools Association
  3. Kenya Secondary School Heads Association
  4. British Council

Employment and Recognized Qualifications

All Non Kenyan Citizens require a permit to work in Kenya, even for Voluntary work.

Useful Websites:

Entry and residence requirements

For information on entry and residence requirements, contact your local Kenyan Embassy.

Useful Websites:


There is no benefits system in Kenya, however if you are working you will be paying in to the National Social Security Fund and the National Hospital Insurance fund.

Useful Websites:

  1. Kenya Revenue Authority
  2. National Social Security Fund
  3. National Health Insurance Fund

Driving Licences and Vehicles

You can drive on your international driving licence for up to 90 days.

Useful websites:

  1. Kenya Revenue Authority Kenyan Government department issuing licenses
  2. Automobile Association of Kenya


There are many International banks and investment companies operating in Kenya. Below are the basic requirements fo opeing a bank account (may vary slightly with different banks)

Requirements for opening a bank account in Kenya:

  • ID or passport
  • Minimum opening balance ( Varies with different banks)
  • Utility bill/ lease agreement( for purpose of verifying physical address)
  • Colour passport photograph
  • Recommendation letter from an employer or other customer

For information on taxation in Kenya: Kenya Revenue Authourity

Guidance on bringing medication into Kenya

All Non Kenyans require a permit/visa to live in Kenya.

For Kenya Immigration requirements please visit: Department of Immigration