Kenya to host High-Level Conference on Sustainable Blue Economy  from 26th -28th November, 2018

The event is expected to attract about 6000 participants from all UN member States, UN Agencies, Regional Economic Communities, International Organizations, Civil Societies and the private Sector engaged in the Blue Economy activities.

The theme of the Conference is Blue Economy and the 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development. It will focus on new technologies and innovation for oceans, seas, lakes and rivers as well as the challenges, potential opportunities, priorities and partnerships. The conference is anchored on the two conceptual pillars of: Sustainability, Climate Change and Controlling Pollution, and Production, Accelerated Economic Growth, Jobs and Poverty Alleviation.

The sub-themes include Transportation and Global Connectivity; Employment, Job Creation and Poverty Eradication; Cities, Tourism Entertainment and Blue Economy; Energy, Mineral Resources and Sustainable Development; Ending Hunger, Securing food supplies, and Promoting good health and dietary practices; management and sustaining of marine life, conservation and sustainable economic activity; climate action, agriculture and pollution free oceans; maritime security and enforcement; people communities and societies: the inclusive blue economy.

By hosting the conference Kenya affirms its appreciation of the importance of conserving and sustainably using our oceans, seas, lakes, rivers and marine resources through enabling cooperation for shared prosperity.

To ensure ownership of the process for hosting the Conference by all, the Government of Kenya has invited co-hosting and  Co-Sponsorship from Governments and other Institutions. To be a Co-host a minimum contribution of USD 2 million is required while a Co-sponsor any amount is welcome. Monetary and non-monetary pledges are also welcome (Click Here for the Pledge Form).