It is important to note that significant progress has been made on the ongoing construction of LAPSSET Highway component, particularly the 505km Isiolo-Moyale A2 Road costing approximately Ksh.46 Billion and being funded jointly by the African Development Bank ,European Union and the Government of Kenya. Indeed, Kenyans and Ethiopians will soon be able to enjoy improved transport and logistics services and transact business between Addis Ababa, Lamu and Nairobi.

In addition to the above the Government of Kenya and the Government of South Sudan, working together with the World Bank recently completed feasibility studies and detailed engineering designs for the Lokichar – Nadapal – Torit – Juba Road whose construction works will begin soon once finances are mobilised. This road project does present an opportunity for private sector participation.

Furthermore the Government of Kenya is currently considering mechanisms for participation by private sector investors to deliver the Lokichar – Isiolo – Garissa – Lamu Road and Lamu – Garsen Road through Engineering, Procurement, Finance and Construct (EPC).

The LAPSSET highway component which falls under the jurisdiction of KeNHA, has been categorized as indicated below

*Lamu-Garissa (D568) – 250KM
*Garissa-Isiolo (C81, D586, B9) – 423 KM
*Isiolo-Moyale (A2) – 505KM
*Isiolo-Nadapal -721KM

Highway Project Status

i. Lamu – Garissa (D568) 250Km), Garissa – Isiolo (C81,D586,B9) (423Km) and Isiolo – Ginyang for EPC mode.

ii. Isiolo – Moyale (A2) (505Km): Construction work is ongoing with;

*Isiolo – Merile (136Km) section at 100% completion.
*Merille – River Marsabit (123Km) Construction works ongoing at an advanced stage.
*Marsabit – Turbi (126Km) Construction works ongoing at an advanced stage.
*Turbi – Moyale (128Km) Construction works ongoing at an advanced stage.

iii. Kitale – Lodwar – Nadapal Road (623km): Designs are 95% complete.

iv. Garsen – Lamu Road (115km): Design reviews complete. Awaiting mobilization of resources for construction.