The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is mandated to pursue Kenya’s foreign policy in accordance with the constitution of Kenya, with the overarching objective of protecting, promoting and projecting the nation’s interest abroad.


A peaceful, prosperous and globally competitive Kenya


To project, promote and protect Kenya’s interests and image globally through innovative diplomacy, and contribute towards a just, peaceful and equitable world.

Strategic Objectives

The objectives of the Ministry in line with its core mandate are:-

  • To protect Kenya’s sovereignty and territorial integrity;
  • To promote national, regional and international peace, security and stability;
  • To promote Economic Cooperation, International Trade, and Investment;
  • To promote and safeguard Kenya’s interests abroad;
  • To promote Kenyan Diaspora engagement and enhance Consular services;
  • To enhance Public Diplomacy and Stakeholders Engagement; and
  •  To strengthen policy, legal and institutional capacity.

Core Function

  • Management of Kenya’s Foreign Policy
  • Management of Bilateral and Multilateral Relations
  • Liaison with International and Regional Organizations
  • Management of Kenya’s Missions and Embassies Abroad
  • Liaison with Foreign Missions in Kenya
  • Ratification of Treaties, Conventions, and Agreements
  • Management of Diplomatic Privileges and Immunities
  • Coordination of State and Official Visits
  • Handling of Protocol Matters
  • Provision of Consular Matters
  • Management of Joint Commissions with other Countries
  • Official Communications on Foreign Affairs and Global Issues
  • International Trade Affairs
  • Trade Representative – Special Advisory/Negotiation Services
  • Management of Kenya’s Diaspora Issues

Core Values

The Core Values of the Ministry cover the following:

  •  Customer focus: We shall treat our customers with courtesy, respect and promptness.
  •  Patriotism: Our staff shall exercise loyalty and uphold allegiance to the Republic of Kenya at all times.
  • Team spirit: We shall promote teamwork to enhance service delivery. The Ministry will further inculcate a sense of shared and collective responsibility for the execution of its mandate.
  • Professionalism: Our members of staff shall exercise high level of professional competence and confidentiality in all their work.
  • Ethics and Integrity: We will embrace transparency and accountability in all operations of the Ministry.
  •  Equity and fairness: We shall promote justice, impartiality and diversity in all our dealings.

Foreign Policy

To pursue this objective, the Ministry has developed Kenya’s Foreign policy to guide its relations and diplomatic engagements with its partners. The policy is anchored on five interlinked pillars of diplomacy namely;

  • Economic diplomacy,
  • Peace diplomacy,
  • Environmental diplomacy
  • Cultural diplomacy, and
  • Diaspora diplomacy.

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Diaspora Diplomacy 

The Diaspora is one of the Pillars outlined in Kenya’s foreign policy. The Diaspora pillar aims to harness the diverse skills, expertise and potential of Kenyans living abroad, and facilitating their integration into the national development agenda.

The Government of Kenya recognizes the huge and untapped potential of Kenyans Abroad which can contribute to the country’s national development agenda. The Diaspora pillar aims to harness the diverse skills, knowledge, expertise and resources of Kenyans living abroad, and facilitating their integration into the national development agenda. This informs the Diaspora Pillar which seeks to harness the contribution of Kenyans living abroad through the implementation of the National Diaspora policy. The objectives of this pillar are to:

  • Provide effective and responsive consular services;
  • Facilitate Kenyans Abroad to participate in national development;
  • Promote the access by Kenyans to the international labour market;
  • Utilize outstanding Kenyans, and
  • Tap into the skills and resources of the Kenyans Abroad for national development.

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