Environment Natural Resources

Kenya as a country is endowed with a conducive environment and a wide range of priority investment areas. The Environment sector ranges from climate change prediction and adaptation, catchment protection, sustainable exploitation of economically viable mineral resources to enforcement of environmental legislations.


Mining: Kenya is endowed with a wide range of minerals that remain unexploited due to inadequate knowledge of their status, economic viability, and appropriate mining technologies. Already, an appropriate mineral prospecting and mining policy conducive to investment and Private Public Partnerships (PPP) in the mining sector is in place. Investors can focus on value addition through direct or joint venture partnerships.

Carbon Offset Schemes: While promoting Environmetal conservation, opportunities exist in consultancy and capacity building to enable communities and corporations/firms access global carbon markets within the framework of Clean Development Mechanism. Tree planting projects for carbon schemes can be undertaken in forest areas around the country and on private and community land.

Climate Change Programmes: Potential for Public Private Partnerships exist in securing global funding mechanism to implement adaptation and mitigation programmes in Arid and Semi-Arid Areas Lands (ASALs), high-risk zones and Early Warning Systems and environmental monitoring covering climate change events. Investors can also participate in infrastructure projects and programs that focus on climate change.

Integrated waste management: opportunities exist in Solid waste management in major cities and towns with high levels of solid waste. This will help reduce environmental pollution. An investor can engage in this industry through Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) and may be extended to other cities and towns in the country. Additionally, investors may participate in the cleaning of city rivers and establishment and maintenance of public parks along the river banks.

Resources assessment: The country is faced with a challenge of estimating the value and value addition potential of most of its environmental resources. Investors can tap into this through a provision of appropriate state-of the-art technologies for data/information  collection and sharing for planning purposes.

Control of invasive weeds: particularly the water hyacinth: With a resurgence of invasive weeds particularly the water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) in water bodies that pose a serious threat to aquatic eco-systems, opportunities exists in control of invasive weeds to a non-nuisance level through, community-driven efforts, mechanical harvesting using appropriate technologies or machinery, and biological control – through applied research. Invasive weeds can also be used manufacture environmentally friendly products such as furniture.

Eco-Tourism Facilities in Forest reserves: Opportuntiies exists in the development of different facilities including eco-lodges, tree houses, guest houses, restaurants, campsites and canopy walkways.

source: http://www.investmentkenya.com/opportunities/environment-natural-resources