Diaspora News Interview: Reflecting on 40 years of Kenya Airways

On February 15th 2017, Mr. Julius Mbaluto Editor of the Informer East Africa, interviewed the High Commissioner H.E Lazarus O. Amayo for their upcoming feature on the 40th Anniversary of Kenya Airways(KQ), reflecting on the airlines growth and success throughout the years.

While responding to a question regarding his experience with Kenya Airways, the High Commissioner noted that both his professional dealing and experience as a customer has been quite positive. He noted that the airline had given Kenya a sense of pride and had acquired the newest fleet in the Continent. The High Commissioner expressed his gratitude to the Kenya Airways Managing Director and Chief Executive Mr. Mbuvi Ngunze, Mr. Michael Joseph Chairman, the Board and the management of Kenya Airways for their efforts which have seen the airline maintain its position as one of the best airlines in the African region despite the recent temporary operational challenges.

He further noted that the airline had become the preferred airline with Nairobi acting as a hub connecting to the rest of Africa in 3-5 hours and internationally to more than 54 destinations in four continents. He underscored that Kenya Airways had fairly well maintained planes, excellent inflight services as well as patient, friendly and competent flight attendants.

Mr. Mbaluto enquired about the High Commissioner thoughts on the contribution of Kenya Airways to trade between Kenya and the UK over the 40 years. The High Commissioner highlighted that Kenya Airways had played a vital role in facilitating economic growth over the years particularly in the trade and tourism sectors. He noted that Kenya Airways uplifts over 160 tonnes of cargo from Kenya daily, mostly horticultural products and flowers to various destinations in Europe. The High Commissioner noted that the airline directly benefits the Kenyan farmers by generating income and also creating employment opportunities in the various farming activities given that it procures from them the bulk of the produce required to satisfy the demand for the meals served daily on Kenya Airway flights.

In his concluding remarks, the High Commissioner emphasized that fleet modernization, high quality service and safety should remain at the core of the airlines strategic objectives. He once again commended Kenya airways for the excellent performance during the last 40 years and expressed the High Commission’s readiness to work closely with the airline towards ensuring the attainment of Kenya’s national development goals.