Consular services include:

  1. Issuance of Visas
  2. Issuance of Kenya Passports and Other Travel Documents
  3. Registration of Kenyans in the United Kingdom
  4. Issuance of Kenya National Identity Cards (IDs)
  5. Facilitate issuance of birth certificates for children born abroad and duplicates of lost birth certificates.
  6. Facilitate issuance of duplicate death certificates
  7. Facilitate issuance of Duplicate Marriage Certificate
  8. Facilitate issuance of certificate of “no impediment to marriage”
  9. Facilitate declaration by dual citizens and regaining Kenyan citizenship
  10. Facilitate issuance of certificates of good conduct
  11. Authentication of documents issued by the Kenyan government
  12. Assisting Kenyans in distress
  13. Issuance of Pet Import License